Tier 1 and Tier 2
Diverse supplier

  Public Sector

Public service initiatives have the power to transform the minds, hearts, and lives of people in local communities throughout our country. From government agencies to municipal offices to utilities to cultural resources, Wicked Bionic is a Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier helping public sector clients reach multi-language diverse audiences who can benefit most from their services. 

Whether representing public agencies looking to improve our quality of life, grow in relevance in local communities, or work on internal and external diversity and inclusion initiatives, we know our work impacts more than our clients. It also has a profound impact on all the communities they serve. Wicked Bionic has an annual diverse subcontractor goal of 6% to support other diverse businesses.

CAGE: 70A35    |    DUNS: 088676880

NAICS: 541613, 541830, 541810, 54185,
54189, 541430, 54191


diverse utility team members
Bringing additional diverse suppliers to subcontract with Wicked Bionic allows us to grow our network and provide full-service marketing and advertising to government agencies and utilities. We support supplier diversity departments through internal marketing that supports their teams. We also work with departments on initiatives, developing media outreach campaigns targeting customers throughout their region.

Wicked Bionic works with supplier diversity teams at utilities to build and grow internal teams through marketing. Today 90% of employees become disengaged with PowerPoint presentations in the first ten minutes. We've developed short animated training videos with everything from an Ambassador for Excellence superhero to multicultural characters representing the makeup of today's companies.

Our agency was featured as the LGBTQ diverse supplier of the year in San Diego Gas & Electric's 2021 Supplier Diversity Annual Report.

  Private Sector


At Wicked Bionic, we believe in maximizing the marketing dollar by transitioning clients from general marketing to highly effective targeted campaigns. Our team has the skill and experience to pinpoint and drill down key audiences, significantly increasing visibility and enabling clients to spend less to get more. This approach to corporate marketing is rooted in a deep understanding of the client, their stakeholders, and the vision. Armed with this awareness, we find the consumer segments our clients are missing and make the connection.


Research shows brand loyalty happens when consumers feel valued. Wicked Bionic hones the messages, offers, and campaigns that reach our clients’ targeted audiences and fosters real connections to their brands.


With fierce competition for the enthusiasm and engagement of fans in the coveted 18-34 demographic, entertainment companies look to Wicked Bionic for expertise, ingenuity, and action. With our assistance, clients in the entertainment industry stand out from the crowd, harnessing the market’s insatiable appetite for content and attracting the attention of Gen Z and Millennial consumers.

Clients searching for ways to attract underserved demographics need look no further than Wicked Bionic. Our team has done it all – from user-generated content to branded video games to sweepstakes to targeted Hispanic and multicultural campaigns.



More customers, more sales and more profit. Wicked Bionic helps clients across a spectrum of businesses achieves the kind of exponential growth that impacts their bottom line. Through sound strategy and quality execution, our team guides clients to results well beyond social media likes, followers and web traffic.

With clients ranging from training programs to law firms to apparel to technology, our broad scope of experience enables our team to respond with agility, creativity, and keen insight to most any business objective. Past successes have included product lines that sell out in a matter of weeks, visibility surges due to celebrity influencers and dramatic increases in customer retention.